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June 6th election

Elections are nothing new. Records show they were present in ancient Greece and Rome. The process was an essential part of various cultures throughout the world and evolved with time. Choosing who will represent the interest of the inhabitants of a country is the right of most citizens across the globe.  Here in Mexico, this … Continue reading June 6th election

2021 Optimist North American Championship

May 31st through June 4th the Banderas Bay will play host to the 2021 Optimist North American Championship (OPTINAM). The event is a youth sailing competition at the international level, with 113 children from 12 countries competing. OPTINAM 2021 Optimist is a class of small sailboat/dinghy specifically designed for children ages 7-15, and it’s the … Continue reading 2021 Optimist North American Championship

Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride

The paradisiac city of Puerto Vallarta will add rainbow colors to its tropical scenery this upcoming week to celebrate Gay Pride. The luscious variety found in Vallarta does not only include flora and fauna, but it also extends to its inhabitants.  Puerto Vallarta holds a mixture of people from all walks of life, ethnicity, nationalities, … Continue reading Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride

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